J K News Today

Jammu and Kashmir police is now the frontline fighting force against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, and this is not to the liking of few in various quarters. These quarters have attempts to defame the force in bid to cause confusion. But the pro-active role played by the Director General of Police Dilbag Singh, also known as a doer, has helped to stem these attempts. The beauty of the whole thing is that he has done in a very sophisticated manner by approaching the concerned watchdog bodies that can take cognizance of the aberrations or the deliberate mischief to defame the force. This has censured the elements who tried to malign the force that has played an outstanding role in neutralizing terrorism and ridding the people of the fear caused by terrorists and their sympathisers.

When some reports were circulated in some sections that the J&K police was polluted by some undesirable elements sympathetic to the militant outfits, Dilbag Singh took a serious note of these reports that could have served in a negative fashion for the force. His logic was simple that how could a force that has lost its men and women in the line of duty while fighting militants can invite such a reprehensible tag. He took this logic to its logical conclusion, upholding the prestige and honour of the police.

As police chief, instead of making his subordinates to write the complaint to the concerned watch dog bodies, he took the lead. He, himself wrote the complaint about such reports that, he said, were defamatory and against the spirit with which the police force was fighting the militancy, and made it a point to pursue it to the logic conclusion. His complaint was upheld and ordered a punishment of sorts.

Lessons to be learned from the whole episode is that the state police would not tolerate anything attributed to it which is degrading and undermines its dignity. The policemen live by his honour. His uniform is his religion. That, he would resist all the attempts to defame. In this regard there would always be concerted efforts to take to task such elements. This would be done through the proper channel has helped the J&K police to uphold its dignity. DGP deserves kudos for  showing the way and the watch dog body taking action on  his complaint..