Jammu, September 28: The porters, who were hired by the Indian Army during Kargil war in 1999 today alleged that government has failed to provide them job which they were promised after the end of the war.

There are about 1100 porters who were hired by the India Army to port ammunition, food and other items in the hilly area of Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir during Kargil war.

According to the porters they were promised  that they will be given preference in the recruitment in the Army and they all will be recruited. But the said that the promise was never kept. 0Scores of porters today gathered in Jammu tto protest against the government for ignoring their services.

“We helped the Army during war, it was not only our job but our responsibility as a true nationalist. But the government has forgotten our services and has done nothing for us even after promising us jobs after the war,” said Romesh Kumar, President ll Indi Porters Union (AIPU).

“We have cleared all medical tests and completed all formalities of the concerned authorities CO 56 APO, during Kargil war from 1999-2002,” he added.

During war 10 porters had lost their lives for which government paid financial aid and one job to the family member of the martyred ‘but all others were  betrayed by the government,’ said another porter.

Porters have also submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office.