J K News Today Commentary

It is a time for reflection for Jammu and Kashmir , the state that now has been split into two union territories. The introspection should focus on where it stands now, and where it needs to go. The past cannot be changed  . That’s inseparable part of history. This part should  not be discarded just like that because there are several lessons  to be learnt from it . Then, there is future ahead .

Home Minister Amit Shah opened a window for the people of J&K to look into their future with promise . This window was opened with the dilution of the Article 370 that did away with the Article 370 that had given a feeling to the residents that they were different from the rest of their countrymen. This perception was strengthened by the political groups that used the special status to breed an indifference toward the idea of India , that is all-inclusive . Ironically, the same political leadership, be that of the National Conference , People’s Democratic Party , and to a great extent even the national party like Congress , banked on the Centre for all the assistance, subsidies and benefits , but when it came to promoting the idea of India, all of them stepped back. Though officially, it was claimed that Kashmir had rejected the two-nation theory and chosen a secular  and all-encompassing  India over theocratic Pakistan, but, in reality the forces of secessionism were allowed to grow and flourish by profiling the separate identity as the real identity of Kashmir. They  created and increased the  space for the secessionist , and told one and all that only link that  Kashmir had with India was through the Article 370, that , in its original form gave complete sovereignty to the state government over the affairs of the state  except in the matters of defence, communications and foreign affairs .It is yet another irony that these proponents by their irresponsible rhetoric regarding the status of Jammu and Kashmir  in the Indian union , made Kashmir as a foreign policy issue. They stressed  on the “ disputed” nature of the state of Jammu and  Kashmir, on two counts that the state was the only Muslim-majority state in India , and that its final solution will have to be negotiated with Pakistan .

There were also very strong suggestions that the current Line of Control be declared and accepted as a de-facto border between the Indian and Pakistani parts of Jammu and Kashmir . Again , this gave a role to Pakistan , and unequivocally  gave a role to Pakistan .

It is a fact of life that India could not have taken unilateral action in settling the issue without taking Pakistan on board . But the question that remained unanswered , what role Pakistan had played vis-à-vis Kashmir. It stoked secessionist emotions , and then came down to launching wars and  proxy war. Its intransigence  made matters worse and things started deteriorating in Kashmir.

The August 5 decisions were hard to accept by the Kashmiri population who developed many fears . All these were imaginary , as the things have started unfolding . Now it is for the people to court bright future or live in the past. In a way, the people have already decided which way to go .

Their silence has spoken more potently than ever before – those who see as a mode of resistance have no idea as to how Kashmir thinks , for they know that the previous violent agitations were  a recipe for disaster for them.