Binoo Joshi
JK News Today special

Jammu, October 26:

Four-day-long historic visit of Home Minister Amit Shah , which gained its extraordinary significance as it was first since the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019 , will be discussed and debated for days and weeks to come , especially with regard to his declaration to befriend the youth of Kashmir and talk to them instead of Pakistan . At the same time , it will be studied in the backdrop of the atmosphere in which these promises were made. And the man behind creating this environment in Kashmir is Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

Amit Shah hailed all these efforts of the Lieutenant Governor . He acknowledged his commitment and dedication to work in Jammu and Kashmir where he had landed on August 6, 2020 and took the office the next day . His work was reflected in the development that has taken place in the Union Territory and the way the outlook of the youth toward the nation has changed since he assumed office . His single-minded mission to create opportunities for Kashmir and to bring it closer to the Indian nation and germinate the idea of India has started yielding fruits. This was visible all across the UT, where the people hailed his work and the commitment. His biggest achievement is to change profile of the youth of Kashmir from stone throwers to the architects of their future .
L G had to toil hard . He burnt proverbial midnight’s oil to achieve all this , and still believes that the work is in progress.

Manoj Sinha , soon after his inauguration as Lieutenant Governor on August 7, 2020 , knew what his priorities were – fight against the coronavirus that was proving as deadly as elsewhere , and then undertook the assessment of the situation in which combating terrorism was equally important . While there were tools available, or those could be brought to fight the virus and terrorism, but what was needed the most was how to channelize the energy of the youth so that they could think of the real-time benefits for themselves and their families and the neighbhourhood , followed by villages and towns .
As the things have proven, one of the most outstanding works that he did since he came to J&K was to create youth clubs – the number of which runs into thousands across the Union Territory.

These youth clubs offered opportunities that the youth in J&K were desperately in search of to utilize their energies and work for the welfare of their people. These were the institutions of the inspiration , which multiplied the inspiration to engage in the constructive activities. When the youth who determine the barometer of strength of any society , start moving in a positive direction , the scene changes, atmosphere changes.. This is the atmosphere that encouraged the youth to listen to the positive things with a positive mindset, and to carry forward the nation’s agenda of transforming Kashmir into a world class place.

The Union Home Minister could not hide his pleasant surprise that how Manoj Sinha has translated dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about Jammu and Kashmir into reality , and making the dreams of the youth of Kashmir converge with that of the rest of the nation . The idea of India has gained strong roots in Kashmir ,few deceptions here and there are inconsequential .