“Mann Ki Baat”: PM Modi delivered his radio address five days after he ordered a 21-day lockdown nationwide to contain the spread of coronavirus.


New Delhi, March 29:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his first “Mann Ki Baat” radio address to the nation today after the coronavirus lockdown, apologized to the nation for the “hardships” caused by his decision, asserting that this was the only way to fight the scourge of coronavirus that has “imprisoned the world”. He spoke to two coronavirus survivors and asked them to “make your stories viral” so people would not panic over the rapidly spreading disease.

Ramagampa Teja, a Hyderabad-based IT professional who has recovered from coronavirus, told PM Modi that when he was first tested positive, in the early days of the virus in India, he couldn’t believe it. “I was frightened,” he admitted. He contracted the virus after an official visit to Dubai.

Mr Teja said in the first few days in hospital, it was still sinking in. “But I felt reassured by the doctors and nurses and staff. I felt I would get better.”

How did his family react, the Prime Minister asked. “They were in great stress. Very scared. But fortunately, they all tested negative. That was a big relief,” Mr Teja said.

He said even after his recovery and end of quarantine, he continues to follow every safety measure including self-isolation and washing his hands the right way.

“You are in IT. Make an audio and share on social media, make it viral. So people will not panic and will also understand how to deal with it,” the PM advised.

PM Modi also dialed another man, Ashok Kapoor of Agra, who tested positive for COVID-19 with his entire family.

Mr Kapoor said his two sons and son-in-law had gone to a shoe fair in Italy. When they returned, his son-in-law fell ill and went to hospital. “He asked my sons to get tested. When they went to a hospital in Agra, doctors there said, get your entire family. Six of us – I am 73, my wife, two sons, daughter-in-law, grandson… we all tested positive,” he said.

The entire family went to Delhi in two ambulances and was admitted to Safdarjung hospital.

“I am perfect. I have also got knee surgery,” Mr Kapoor told PM Modi.

The Prime Minister delivered his radio address five days after he ordered a 21-day lockdown nationwide to contain the spread of coronavirus, which has infected nearly 1,000 in India and caused 25 deaths.