J K News Today  Commentary, need for new CI strategy

Jammu, January 6

The killing of four policemen in an IED blast in north Kashmir’s  Sopore town ,  which had witnessed horrendous  violence  on this day in  25 years ago ,  serves as a grim reminder that the militancy in Kashmir is far from over .

That this incident has come close on heels of the “ fidayeen” attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad militants, including two local boys- a new and worrying  scenario –   tells two things in a blunt manner . One, the militancy is alive and it is not short of human resources nor  killing devices . Secondly, despite the high alert and the security safeguards,  militants are able to hit at their targets  the way they want.

An IED is a low-risk  attack  for t doesn’t involve direct clash between  militants and security personnel. It can be planted with ease and triggered with remote devices as and when the target approaches the targeted place . That , however, tells that the militants  could find hands to plant the device and trigger the same . it may not be as high profile as  the “ fidayeen” attack but  was as deadly as the attack . the casualties suffered by police  tell the tale.

In the bang of the  IED explosion , it should also be noted that the militants chose the day and timing that coincided with carnage that the town had witnessed on this day in 1993 when more than 45 of them were shot dead and nearly 300 houses and shops reduced to ashes . This has not been forgotten by the people , otherwise the militants  could not have  exploded the device with such an ease in the town. The people  continue to be sympathetic to militants. It is a ground reality .

This incident calls for a new and people-friendly counter insurgency approach.