Stresses on Zakat and charity, Express sorrow over the loss of lives in Ramban accident

JK News Today

Srinagar, Mar 29 : Addressing people at the Friday congregation in Jama masjid ,  Mirwaiz Umar Farooq lamented that even in the holy month of Ramzan  which is a time of spiritual significance when the faithful look forward to  guidance and religious sermons to enrich their faith and practice, he is not allowed unimpeded access to masjids and is repeatedly put under house arrest. He said that yesterday as per the announced program he was not allowed to address the religious gathering at Aali masjid.  Mirwaiz said that such actions also curtail the fundamental freedoms of expression and religion. Mirwaiz asked the authorities to desist from pursuing this cycle of unexplained detentions, and allow him to continue his religious work of dawah .

Mirwaiz emphasized the virtues and significance of Ramadan as highlighted in the Qur’an and Hadith, underscoring the dual nature of devotion during this holy month: spiritual closeness to Allah Almighty through prayer and the importance of financial generosity. He stressed that Ramadan calls us not only to spiritual worship but also to extend our financial support to those in need within our community, through zakat and charitable donations.

He shared that Darul Khair Mirwaiz Manzil has been a beacon of support for the less fortunate, including the impoverished, the ill, and those affected by disasters, for several decades. In light of this, he expressed hope that during Ramadan, the community would bolster this institution’s efforts by contributing zakat and charity, thereby honoring both the spiritual and financial aspects of worship.

Mirwaiz also announced that a special  waz o tableegh majlis would take place at Dastgir Sahib Sarai Bala on the 21st of Ramadan from zuhar to Asr prayers , marking the Martyrdom Day of Hazrat Ali(R)

Furthermore, Mirwaiz expressed profound sorrow over the tragic loss of 10 lives in a road accident near Battery Chashma Ramban on the National Highway. He conveyed his deepest sympathies and solidarity with the bereaved families, sharing in their grief during this difficult time.