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Srinagar, March 29: J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Gani Lone today strongly condemned National Conference for its “malevolent role in the turbulent history of Jammu and Kashmir,”which has resulted in widespread despair and suffering among the common people.

In a recent post on the microblogging website “X”, he outlined a stark dichotomy that has defined Kashmir over the past three decades, distinguishing between the “Victor” and the “Victim.”

“In Kashmir in the last 3 decades there have been two types of people. The Victor & the Victim,” he stated.

He asserts that during this period, the entrenched elite, epitomized by the “Victor,” wielded power mercilessly and hegemonically.

“The Victor in the last three decades has been the ruling class. They ordered killings, ordered pellet guns to be fired, ordered arrests, ordered encounters, ordered PSAs, rigged elections, then arrested those whose elections were rigged and placed them
Under PSA and packed them off to far off jails” ,the post reads.

“The victors were merciless,” Lone continued, expressing the grim reality of their reign. “They jailed even the family members of those who were on their hit list. Mothers of dissidents were jailed. Sisters of dissidents were jailed.”

He further accuses them of opportunism, noting that their alliances with parties like the BJP and Congress had further exacerbated the suffering of Kashmiris.

“They teamed up with BJP. They teamed up with Congress. “Relentless in their pursuit of the helpless Kashmiri as canon fodder. Today every village has a special graveyard and the victims of the victors rest there,” Mr. Lone lamented, highlighting the profound toll of their actions on Kashmiri society.

“The Victim was the common man, the common Kashmiri who was killed, tortured, arrested, blinded, handicapped, widowed & orphaned,” he emphasizes, enumerating the atrocities endured by the populace.

Against this backdrop, he exhorted everyone to introspect whether the NC has been the victim or the victor.
“Put you hand on heart, is NC the Victim or the Victor?”, he concluded.