JK News Today

By Ajay Khajuria

This beautiful Himalayan pagoda-style lord Vishnu temple has the distinction of being one of the oldest temples in Nepal.
This temple is some distance from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu and nearer to the old part of Kathmandu known as Bhaktapur.
When you reach this place, you are mesmerised by the beauty, this temple is amidst Champak trees and the presence of the beautiful temple increases the beauty further and manifold.
This temple has a beautiful story associated with it.
It is believed that here one learned Brahman Sudarshan used to live and he had a cow which used to produce a huge quantity of milk. Due to Brahman Sudarshan’s busy schedule, he requested one gwala/shepherd to graze his cow and give the milk to him daily ,which is required for the daily rituals.
Gwala /shepherd took his cow to a forest full of Champak trees for grazing but was very surprised when the cow didn’t produce even a drop of milk ,this happened for a couple of days and every time he had to cut a sorry figure in front of Brahman.
One day Brahman decided to accompany Gwala to check the reason, they both hid behind a tree and found that the cow goes to the distant Champak tree and a boy comes out of the tree and drink all the milk.This infuriated the Brahman and he decided to cut the tree with an axe, thinking that some monster or evil spirit is doing this act.
But when the tree fell on the ground both of them saw Lord Vishno’s head and looking at that both of them started crying and started asking for mercy from the lord of the lords; Vishnu. From the sky, the divine voice started emitting which said “thanks for making me free from the curse as I had killed your father unintentionally, Sudarshan and was living here due to the curse of Brahmhatya” and at the same time mighty Garuda, Vahan of lord started circling the Champak forest to take his master back to his divine vaikunth.
Sudarshan Brahman made Vishnu temple at the same place and even today families of Brahman Sudarshan and gwala manages the temple
Temple is nestled in the beautiful Champak forest and needs to be promoted as well as can be kept more clean.