JK News Today
Jammu, November 18:

Pakistan army was deeply involved with the global terror network of Al-Qaeda and was responsible for protecting its top most leader Osama bin Laden has been confirmed by former US president Barack Obama in his memoir,” A Promised Land.”

The book that was released on November 15 reads on its page 676 about the operation to get Osama bin Laden. He writes the most important for this operation was secrecy and that too from Pakistan Army.

While American leadership was weighing options to raid the premises of Osama bin Laden, whom the CIA had identified as “pacer”, their biggest fear, as noted in the book was: “We had another constraint: Whatever option we chose could not involve the Pakistanis.”

This distrust in Pakistanis and their army has been explained by the former president who had overseen the operation against Osama bin Laden in these words: “Although Pakistan’s government cooperated with us on a host of counterterrorism operations and provided a vital supply path for our forces in Afghanistan, it was an open secret that certain elements inside the country’s military and especially its intelligence services, maintained links to the Taliban
and perhaps even al-Qaeda, sometimes using them as strategic assets to ensure that the Afghan government remained weak and unable to align itself with Pakistan’s number one rival, India.”

“The fact that that the Abbottabad compound was just a few miles from the Pakistan military’s equivalent of West Point only heightened the possibility that anything we told the Pakistanis could end up tipping off our target.”

This is not something that any Indian or Afghan politician is saying, these are the words of American President who knew every detail as to what Pakistan had been doing all along, saving al-Qaeda assets and using these for its geo-strategic goals.

Truth is out yet again, Pakistan must lean that terrorism and promoting it would lead it nowhere.