JK News Today Special

Jammu, October 27:

It was on this day  in October , 1947, when  the Indian troops  landed  in Kashmir to push back the tribesmen invaders sponsored and  actively supported by Pakistan army . This operation was launched  on October 27  , 75 years ago,  to save Kashmir from  the invaders . This operation was preceded by the  signing of the instrument of  accession n by  last Dogra king of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja  Hari Singh,  acceding the Himalayan state to India  forever.

This is history . It is because of this action of the Indian army , undertaken after the accession of Jammu and Kashmir  to India by the only legal authority, Maharaja Hari Singh, that Kashmir is able to breathe free air within the Indian boundaries  and the people can aspire to achieve greater heights at the international level.

The only issue that remains to be settled is how to get back  Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir ( PoJK). The Indian army’s  operation was halted midway when the  troops were advancing because of an immature act of India’s first prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who took the matter  to the United Nations. He committed a historical blunder.

He did not  study matter in proper perspective  and made to attempt  to get a clear picture of the ground situation. He took the matter to the UN at the time when the Indian army was nearing the goal of recapturing the whole of Jammu and Kashmir as it had existed under the Dogra kingdom prior to August 15, 1947.

The recall of this day  in 2021  is far beyond  turning pages of history . – going back to the accession day of October 26, 1947 and landing of the Indian troops in Kashmir to save Kashmir from Pakistani invasion of Kashmir, next day . This is to reinforce that how India rescued Kashmiris  from Pakistanis.

Kashmiris had contributed,  in whatever way they could,  by   assisting the army  in pushing back the invaders. Some of them  sacrifices their lives  and attained martyrdom to save Kashmir – the name of Mohammad Maqbool Sherwani of Baramulla is prominent among them.  Thus ,  the bonds between  India and  the people of Kashmir  date back to 1947, and  earlier.

Kashmiris had  drawn their distinction between India and Pakistan  much before Pakistan launched the visible aggression that unleashed marauders on the  hapless  and innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir. They massacred men, women and children , raped young and old ladies . Many of them  had jumped into  Jhelum river to save their honour.

Kashmiris knew Pakistan, the nation  founded on the basis of religion, would fail . It did . In 1971, its eastern wing parted ways and  a new nation Bangladesh was born instead. Bangladesh is now a reality on the global map for the past 50 years, whereas East Pakistan existed for 24 years. That’s why they chose India  and rejected the two-nation theory.

Jammu and Kashmir is now  enjoying fruits  of development and grand opportunities to build their future  following the revocation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019 . The people in the union territory have developed a taste and love for development and they know that how peace has been brought to their land by the Modi government.

Frustrated by these developments in Kashmir where the people are yearning for better future by coming out of shadows of fear and darkness , Pakistani leadership  is concocting history and  busy in distorting the facts to hide its own failures. This is known to the world that how Pashtuns are being treated , how their men and women are massacred by  Pakistan army, and young men  are forcibly taken away , with no one knowing their fate.   Every day there are appeals by the families of the disappeared young men  in Pakistan for letting them know where their near and dear ones were? But the Pakistan army and government refuse to listen to these pleas . That is what Pakistan is .

Pakistan is  observing this day ,   what it calls , “ black day” . Indeed, it is black day for Pakistan because all its attempts to annex  J&K were frustrated and its wars and proxy  wars  since 1947 have been  defeated conclusively by   India ,  and the people  of Kashmir in particular.