J K News Today

Jammu, April 13:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the nation that the guilty in the rape and murder cases of Kathua  in Jammu and Kashmir and  Unnao  in Uttar Pradesh will  be  punished.

Speaking at a rally  on Friday , Prime Minister calmed the nation with his words “ incidents being discussed  since past two days cannot be part of a ciuvilised society.

He said , “ As a country , as a society we all are ashamed of it. I want to assure the country that no culprit will be spared, complete justice will be done.”

It was his re0ply to all the critics of his government, including Congress president Rahul Gandhi who led a candle light march last  night that his party and the government meant business.

Earlier, he had  got the two ministers  Chander Prakash ganga and Lal Singh to send their resignation to  state party president  Sat Sharma . The two sent their resignations and  these will be discussed within the party forum and  then forwarded to Chief Minister.

The two ministers had  appeared at  a rally  in which the people were demanding CBI inquiry into the rape and murder of a nomad girl .

Prime Minister assured “ Our daughters will definitely get justice.”
“Such incidents happening in any part of the country shake our senses. We all have to fight to end this evil from our society.

“I dared to say from the Red Fort, don’t ask girls, ask boys. We have to strengthen our family and social values and our judicial system to fight this,” he said.