Imran Khan cannot have cake and eat it too

J K News Today Commentary

Pakistan premier Imran Khan wants dialogue with India and address all issues, including Jammu and Kashmir in the spirit to promote peace and progress in South Asia. Good. But at the same time, he never misses an opportunity to refer to the UN resolutions on Kashmir and pleads for what he calls “right to self determination” to be given to the people o Kashmir as “guaranteed by the world body.”

During his speech at OIC summit in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, Imran Khan spoke of Kashmir among other places and issues. He said that the “people of Kashmir are suffering from oppression”.

This creates a lot of confusion as to how he wants to build the relationship with India and how he describes the oppression. The word oppression here is used for the anti-militancy operations that the security forces have undertaken against the militants who have been engaged in violence against the state, civilians and attempt to disrupt the system.

Khan knows that what terrorism is, and how it unfolds for he has relentlessly referred to Pakistan as “the worst victim of terrorism.” If that be so, he cannot justify the violence and spread of hatred.

The talk of the UN resolutions on Kashmir is not only obsolete for two reasons: one, much water has flown down the rivers in the subcontinent since 1948-49 hen these resolutions were passed and the generations have changed who have very little or no idea about the circumstances in which the whole issue came up. Secondly, Imran Khan, himself is obliterating certain parts of history as far as the UN resolutions are concerned – they are not binding for they were passed under charter VI, and even if the resolution is to be taken into account Pakistan has to vacate all its military fro the territory of Jammu and Kashmir that it occupied by invading the state in October 1947 and also remove all its nationals from there.

Imran Khan who wants peace with India should recognize the ground realities as these exist in the state and the rest of South Asia. He cannot talk of bilateral talks with India and at the same time keep on raking up the redundant U N resolutions. He is reneging from his own commitment to the dialogue.

Pakistan premier should know that he cannot have cake and eat it too.