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A sudden burst of  Pakistan’s  interest  in Gilgit- Baltistan  is  not because of the people living there or giving them any special dispensation  but to colonize them further and suppress  them  as Islamabad-Beijing  don’t want any challenge  to the usurpation  of  resources  of the area, and the methodology is simple:  unleash  military power over them so that they cannot breathe  under the jackboots.

Not much  of the news is coming out of the area because  all the news is filtered by Pakistan’s military. The rights’ activists are  killed, tortured and  the educational institutions of  theirs are burned down  – all this news is choked .Nothing comes  out of the area. Pakistani media is a partner in this conspiracy in  this news blackout and the foreign press has no access to the region , and even if they get to  travel to the area , they are shadowed so heavily by ISI that they cannot see what they want to see, and they cannot interact with the people  . The people are told not to speak anything adverse against Pakistan , and as a minor  concession, they can talk about the beauty and the tourism potential of the area only .

Nothing else can they see  or hear from the people  Chinese troops and workers. Chinese have set up their projects in Gilgit-Baltistan  and the troops guard these  establishments , and the work is given  to the workers brought from mainland China. Neither Pakistan nor China  trusts  the locals.

. Such is the plight of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan  aspiring to  air their views on the denial of their human rights and they are silenced if they raise the voice against  Pakistan’s unabashed capturing of their resources   and settling mainland Pakistanis  there . Pakistan has also given the land of Gilgit-Baltistan to Chinese . By all account, the situation is that Gilgit-Baltistan is under siege from all sides.

The world outside is  closed  to them, and the outside world cannot visit them. Within they cannot survive under the impact of atrocities unleashed on them by Pakistan and China . They are squeezed . There is nothing called human rights because they are not treated as  humans at all

Here is an example and a recent one.

On July 15, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan  kickstarted the construction work of Diamer Bhasha dam  in  Gilgit. He was accompanied by Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan army  Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwaa . If it is a  civilian project , where was the need to take along the army chief  unless there are some military goals involved in the whole thing . This  was essentially to convey a message that the Pakistan military  was deeply involved in the project and the locals should not dare  to raise any voice against the project.

Now in the words  of Pakistan P M’s Special  Assistant on Information  retired Lieutenant  Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa  had disclosed  that the project will generate  4,500 MW of hydel power. Imran Khan said that it is going to be the biggest dam .

The dam will have 6.4 MAF water reservoir . It will add 12.M acres of Agriculture ,  and the 4500 MW power generated from it would boost the steel, cement construction . Nothing  from agriculture to the industries exist in GB, and the direct beneficiaries would be  Pakistanis, not the locals. This is how Pakistan is looting the resources of Gilgit Baltistan .