Islamabad uses typical  begging  and blackmailing tactics to pull US to its side

 JK News Today Special Commentary

Jammu , August 04:

Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Mooed Yusuf’s admission  that  Prime Minister Imran Khan is waiting for a phone call from  the US president Joe Biden  shows the desperation of  his country  for strong international support  despite its complicity in destabilizing Afghanistan  through Taliban and exporting terrorism  far and wide.

A report in Pakistani media quoting Mooed Yusuf, who along with his Prime Minister, had set conditions for  opening , what he called conversation with India on the bilateral issues , virtually begged the US to make  President Biden to call Imran Khan.  And, it is particularly frustrating for Pakistan because it believes that it is  in such a location from where it can dictate terms  what to do and what not to do in Afghanistan and in the wider region of South Asia.

In an interview to Financial Times,  an influential and well-respected international newspaper Financial Times , “ The president of the United States hasn’t spoken to the prime minister of such an important country who the US itself says is make-or-break in some cases, in some ways, in Afghanistan — we struggle to understand the signal.”

Pakistan  is projecting its importance  on its own, but the reality about its devious acts is not hidden from the world .The US knows it better that Pakistan has  potential for destruction  and that it is displaying  in its full strength in Afghanistan through Taliban .

Some in Pakistan believe that the ruthless offensive by Taliban in Afghanistan  and capturing of large swathes of the territory in the war-torn country  would enhance its importance . They believe that the world will pay greater attention to it and the US will recognize its importance  because of its evil  designs . This is a sure recipe for blackmail . Islamabad is trying to blackmail the US  into  its self-propagated narrative that without its cooperation  Afghanistan would not survive as a nation .

This blackmail was further reinforced by Pak NSA  when he said : “ We’ve been told every time that … [the phone call] will happen, it’s technical reasons or whatever. But frankly, people don’t believe it,” and added “If a phone call is a concession, if a security relationship is a concession, Pakistan has options,” he added,. But he refused to  shed any light on the  options .

Analysed from all angles, it becomes clear that Pakistan is viewing the whole relationship with US by extending threats , and the options that it is mulling could be that it would make Taliban to capture power in Afghanistan and intensify its  terror activities to force  the US and the Western world to take cognizance of its interests.