JK News Today

Giving a damn to the threat of ever expanding Covid-19 that in Pakistan itself has claimed 167 lives with more than 8,000 and counting , Pakistan has intensified its violent campaign in Kashmir – yesterday’s killing of three CRPF men in Sopore in north Kashmir is the latest evidence.

Pakistan’s hand is all too visible in this incident where a terrorist attacked a CRPF patrol at Sopore bye-pass. It is instigating the youth in Kashmir to pick up guns and target the security personnel and innocent citizens.

These three CRPF personnel C B Bhakre , Satya Pal Singh Parmar and Rajeev Sharma had come from different parts of the country to serve the nation in Kashmir – they were patrolling and guarding the check posts to restrict the movement of the people during the lockdown imposed by coronavirus. They were part of the frontline workers saving lives in Kashmir.

Each and every life in these times, as ever before, is precious . The lives in Kashmir are to be saved in Kashmir from the virus , and more so from Pakistan sponsored terrorism . So the CRPF men were risking their lives for the people of Kashmir, saving them from the guns and grenades of the terrorists and the infection of Covid -19.

Pakistan wants exactly opposite of that . With the killing of the CRPF personnel , it is trying to snatch the guardians of the masses in Kashmir . It wants terrorists and the infections to have free run in the Valley so that the eight million people of Kashmir have no protection whatsoever .

This violent incident triggered cordon and search operations . That means there were more forces to conduct the search operations. It is to essentially to take them away from the job that they are performing of protecting the people. This also means some kind of inconvenience to the people as well, but then the original sinner is Pakistan .

The people want to live in safety in their homes , following the “stay home, stay safe” rule in these critical times, but Pakistan is determined to destroy their safety cover.