JK News Today
Jammu, November 17:

Last weekend , Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Babar Iftikhar held a joint press conference to present a “ dossier” of what they called “ irrefutable evidence” of India’s hand in “ terrorism in Pakistan “ . It was nothing but a fabrication is proved the way allegations were listed , and the overall motive behind that , to defame India and divert attention from its own problems due to the mounting political and military problems.

Pakistan’s main parties have formed “ People’s Democratic Movement” or PDM that is attracting crowds in tens of thousands to its rallies where the only rallying cry is against the PTI government of Imran Khan. The PDM has said that it will not settle for anything less than the removal of Imran Khan government and warned the army against meddling into the political affairs of the country . The Army Generals have been asked to stay within their crease and not to cross the red lines drawn by the Constitution .

The charges have been levelled against this backdrop as also against the rising misery of the people reeling from hardships, shortages and skyrocketing prices of “ atta, Dal” and no availability of gas and electricity.

First charge as listed by Qureshi was “Today the Indian intelligence agencies are patronising banned outfits that are against Pakistan. Organisations like Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Jamaatul Ahrar (JuA). These organisations were defeated by Pakistan, they were flushed out of the country, [now India] is trying to breathe life into them again. They are being supplied ammunition and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and are being provoked to target ulema, notables, and police officials.”

This is an allegation , there is no evidence to substantiate it . But, why this charge has been made needs some explanation . Of late Pakistan has witnessed some of the attacks along Afghan-Pakistan border, and in Balochistan and Peshawar . When its paramilitary personnel and army soldiers were killed at Afghan-Pakistan border, it immediately blamed Afghanistan . Since Pashtun Muhafuz Movement is going on in Pakistan where the Pashtuns are troubled and tormented by the mysterious disappearances of the activists , that has created a groundswell of anger against Pakistani establishment . They are so angry with Pakistan that they have used all means to revolt against Pakistani establishment. Pashtun tribes reside on both sides of the border there- Afghanistan and Pakistan- there is a feeling of oneness between them .

For obvious reasons , Pakistan cannot admit that it is facing a civilian revolt from population that has been subjugated under military boots, India offers a convenient excuse..
And as far the unity of the terror outfits , Pakistan has answer to it . Pakistan’s establishment is expert in handling the terror groups . It gained the when it gathered the groups to fight the Soviet Union troops in Afghanistan from 1979 onwards as a mercenary force for Americans . It got all the money and arms from CIA and distributed some of these among the fighters in Afghanistan , while a substantive amount was pocketed by the army , and the rest of the arms and ammunition diverted to Kashmir .

Pakistan has an army of bomb and IED makers – some of them were sent to India, particularly Jammu and Kashmir. They assembled and used their deadly devices to kill innocent civilians and soldiers . The NIA charge sheet in Pulwama terror attack of February 14 , 2019, has provided all the details who sent the explosives and from which part of Pakistan these were packed and smuggled to J&K . Pakistan knows this art well. The diversionary tactics will not work.

Other allegation is ,India is funding these terror groups , and that, too, through bank transactions. The receipt is written in Dari . The genius of Pakistani establishment is that it has the receipts to show at a press conference but not that of the bank and the recipients . Too much of imagination is bad at times.

But why did Pakistan do it ?
Pakistan is on the grey list of global watchdog on terror funding Financial Action Task Force. It had made desperate efforts to get out of it, but the FATF in its October meeting saw no reason to remove Pakistan from the list. It was told that many things had been left undone .

Now, after its own minister Fawad Choudhary spilled beans that the “ Pulwama ( terror) attack was executed with finesse under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan ,” no more proof is needed about the terror excellence of Pakistan .
This will straightway land Pakistan in the FATF’s black list.

To divert the attention from what minister Choudhary said in the National Assembly owning the Pulwama attack and crediting it to the top political and military leadership , Foreign Minister presented a “dossier” full of lies and fabrications .
Secondly, it is making all out efforts to stall India’s entry into the United Nations Security Council as its permanent member . Its ambassador to U N Munir Akram stated in the UN General Assembly that ,” India doesn’t qualify for the UNSC membership , permanent or non-permanent because it is fomenting terrorism in our region.” The Qureshi’s “ dossier” should be read in that context only .

The UN knows that who is having universities of terrorism and who is exporting terrorism to the neighbouring countries- Pakistan is the answer.