Binoo Joshi

JK News Today special commentary

Jammu, November 20:

On Friday morning, when TV screens  ran flash:”  PM to address the nation at 9 am, very few had idea as to what will he be saying that deserves nation’s attention on Gurpurab, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.?   Prime Minister Narendra Modi said something that reflected not only change of the discourse , but also exemplified his character as a leader who  sits on top  among all the world leaders .

His broadcast to the nation on Friday morning exhibited , why he is the most popular leader  in the world .  When he announced the repeal of the three farm laws , he showed the inner strength of the leader , who knows how to respond to the sensitivities of the people , even if it happens t0 be that of a section of them. The idea , he underlined, was that “ each citizen in India matters” to him.

Narendra Modi reserves immeasurable capacity to surprise and add to celebrations on special occasions, and that’s what he did – announced his government’s decision to repeal all the three farm laws . This  relieved the whole nation of anxiety caused by more than a year- long agitation of farmers in different parts of the country, especially Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

PM has demonstrated his inner heart that throbs for the people . He has accorded respect to the people’s aspirations in democratic spirit. His announcement should be seen against the backdrop of his repeated reiteration of his government’s commitment to resolve the issues through dialogue. In fact, there were several rounds of talks between the Government and the leaders of farmers, but somehow the matters did not work out . There was a stalemate that Prime Minister broke on Friday.

There are certain mischievous interpretations – (a) he has taken this decision in view of the forthcoming UP elections, the most populous state , going to polls early next year. (b) succumbed to farmers’ agitation that had grabbed the national attention and stirred anxieties in many sections ( c ) international pressure.

It is true that polls are scheduled in UP and four other states, and farmers have a great role in determining the poll outcome. But what is being overlooked is that Prime Minister has faced several polls , most  of which he won , few were lost. But relating all developments to polls is simply not only misreading of the situation, but also undermining the democratic strength of the country. Post November 2016 demonetization, it was said that the BJP will lose polls because the informal economy was hit, but the results went in favour of the saffron party.

It would be better to say that the PM has taken due notice of concerns of the agitating farmers, and created an atmosphere of mutual understanding. The biggest takeaway is that Modi has removed chances of confrontation and paved way for triggering a national mood for growth, necessary for the Vishwa Guru image of the country.

At the same time he has neutralized all the international players who were engaged in stoking confrontation between farmers and the government. All the critics have crashed.