JK News Today

New Delhi, December 14

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi  Wednesday  claimed that he has “ information on corruption   by Prime Minister  Narendra Modi” and that’s why he is not being allowed to speak in the Parliament.

Rahul who had  claimed that his disclosures in the parliament would cause quake  once he speaks on demonetization  today added yet another dimension and  alleged that the Prime Minister was “ terrified” the disclosures he would make in the Parliament. “ It is for this  reason that  Modi  is not allowing me to speak on the issue in the Parliament.”

“I have information on the PM that will burst his bubble. I have personal information about the PM. And he is terrified of it. It’s about personal corruption of the PM,” said Congress vice president Rahul, who has recently been continually alleging that the scrapping of high-value currency notes is a scam and a “war on the poor.”

Today, Rahul reiterated that the Prime Minister needs to answer to the country about the prevalent cash crunch situation because of  the currency ban .

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