Delivers message of hope for Assembly polls , statehood and a vison of Kashmir at world’ Centerstage

Binoo Joshi

JK News Today’s special commentary

The moment Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day Kashmir visit was announced, essentially to take part in the International Yoga Day on June 21, it was expected that it is going to be extraordinary but that the first day will become unique than all his previous visits to Jammu and Kashmir beat all imagination.
The political observers will focus on key takeaways – that the preparations for the Assembly polls are under preparations and soon the people of J&K will have their own government , and then there was a promise to move toward the restoration of statehood Others will decode it as reiteration of Prime Minister of development in peaceful Jammu and Kashmir , claiming that it is unstoppable march toward peace and prosperity. Bigger than this was his assurance that terrorism would not be allowed to rear its head again, and all the enemies of peace in Kashmir and its development would be dealt with sternly.

Referring to a series of terror attacks , Prime Minister said that the government was serious about it, how enemies of peace are seeking to make a last bid to revive troubles in J&K. All steps would be taken to neutralize this threat and people of J&K will enter and live in a permanent peace zone .
These were things that were within the speculation and assessment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir , who have seen and experienced a lot of transformation in their lives in the past five years , that is since the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019. That was a defining moment , and this was brought about by the BJP government led by Narendra Modi within six weeks of his taking over as Prime Minister for a second time with a vast mandate by the people across the country. But there was a sore point , Kashmir had registered a dismally low voting percentage in 2019 – Kashmir was reeling under fear of uncertainties and militancy-related violence and stone throwing in streets.
This time , it was different . He had come to visit Kashmir within the first fortnight of his third-term that commenced on June 9 and ten days later on June 20 ,he was in Srinagar. What makes it important is that Modi visited his constituency Varanasi to say thanks to his voters in the town , his second appointment was an address in Nalanda University , which for ages symbolized India’s power in education world over . This was scheduled much before the LS polls-2024 were announced .
Within day of his third term his visit to Srinagar on Thursday ( June 20) had its uniqueness – ( a) he had come t0 tell the people of Kashmir that how his third term is unique and it has riveted world’s eyes to India – the underlined message was that it included Kashmir , the crown of the country that is largest democracy in the world., ( b) continuing with the same spirit , he came to express and acknowledge gratitude to voters in Kashmir who came out in large and record-breaking numbers , surpassing the voting percentage ad pattern of the past 35-40 years . This way, he connected it Kashmir’s vibrancy and enthusiasm in voting to the overall democratic spirit of the country.
Beyond these statistically correct political discourse, Prime Minister in his flowing speech connected to the hearts and minds of the people who listened to him rapt attention and greeted his speech with rapturous applause . It seemed that the words had a sound of flowing river and the audience watching it from the banks. The difference was it was in SKICC nestled on banks of world-famous Dal Lake .