137 years old legacy of King’s College Taunton, UK extended in Rohtak

JK News Today

Jammu, January 11:

The Britain’s leading co-educational independent School King’s College is one of the imperative participant in the education fair “India and International Premier School Exhibition” in Jammu showcasing the world’s famous education culture to the vigilant and enthusiastic parents.


King’s College known for British Boarding & Day School is delivering a warm-hearted, academically excellent education, emphasizing the core values of integrity and honesty. It is extending 137 years old legacy of King’s College Taunton, UK, in Rohtak ensuring the holistic development of child.


Driven by the vision of providing strong academic teaching relevant in to the changing world, the King’s College India is for those who aim to educate their child to become engaging individuals who possess the intellectual and personal skills required for a successful future outside the classroom. Parents who were planning to send their ward abroad for quality education can enrol their child here.

At King’s College India, a team of expat members lead the education for students aged 3 to 18. Our headmaster is assisted by a team of over 12 other expat members from UK, who stay on campus. The campus itself is designed to be self-contained haven for students, with state-of-the-art academic infrastructure and a large number of       sporting          facilities.

Director Marketing & Admissions, Kings College India, Ms. Disha Narwal said “We are committed to the overall development of each student. In partnership with parents, students are encouraged to develop their talents, to realize their potential and to strive to achieve their personal best in all they set out to do. The well-being of every student is at the heart of all that we do.”

The students who come to King’s College India to enjoy not just learning but also the experience of being at the College. This means that although we offer a rich and varied curriculum including Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities, Computer Science, P.E., Music, Art and Drama; we also offer a comprehensive co-curricular programme containing cultural, sporting and charitable activities.