By Mehraj Bhatt


As a society when we progress or approach, we disagree and argue, that in itself is healthy to let the stream of reason and dialectic prevail. When politics becomes perverted and debates are replaced by pseudo scholasticism then the individual interests stay at loggerheads with that of prevailing socio-political discourse.

Speaking about the ongoing turmoil in the valley, and the damage that it has done to the economic and developmental projects is out of calculations. But as we move ahead somewhere along the line these deficits can be cornered if sound policies are framed and executed. The only thing that is quite worrisome and panic is the state of education and the way it has been reduced to its historic low due to the ongoing unrest and consistent curfews.

There is a broad consensus on the abysmal state of the educational setup that the state is going through and the rest has been done by the prevailing circumstances. It has been historically proved that civilizations prosper only when education is incentivized and taken proper care off, can any society claim grades and progression in the pragmatic sense of the term.  Medieval Spain stands witness to that, where a comprehensive scheme of education was put to work and it was accompanied by great scale ruling elite.

Going by the statistics of the age we live in, the only means to revolutionize any sort of mess is to educate the populace with advanced and action-oriented scheme of education.  Rightly we live in tough times, and gone are the days when tuitions were treated bad and today we take it as badge of honor, because we have confused education and knowledge.

People pursuing the aim of civil cervices have confronted hell of obstacles to get into the business of it; not having internet access in the hours of preparation is calculated but half hearted effort. The censorship on the print media in the name of putting a lid on the provocations has worsened the problems and complicated the pattern of preparations.

The hard side of the story is that they are left on their own by curbing and stopping the access to the important study material. The state then has no right to claim the moral authority over the subjects, of whom interests it can’t take care of. The only thing that speaks in the current level of competitions   is having a sound understanding of the current public issues across the country and globe, but when browsing options are absent then it is but murdering the passions of those individuals and robbing them from their own selves. Also it is gross injustice on the part of the state that prohibits such aspirants in the name of law and order discourse to pursue their ambitions in present saturated and highly competitive societies and examinations.

Children who are out of schools will be the worst sufferers of the ongoing crises of identity, they stand the future of our society and to be honest we have been unfair to socialize and encapsulate them with proper ideas and principles. Time isn’t far when we will face deficit crises if as a society we will not discover some remedies for resolving these issues. Even if someday this rupture of tragedies will end, the lacunas in educational setup can hardly be diagnosed and cured.

The working class is at the receiving end of any sort of turmoil because it is they who suffer the most. As individuals they will find it difficult to accommodate with the changing patterns of livelihood, tougher it will be to feed and educate their wards with increasing expenses of life. It is quite impossible to stay optimistic in the prevailing state of pessimism.

The current discourse mainly centered around politics misrepresents many opinions , because collectively we can have similar ambitions but individually we differ  and that is the beauty of nature . It is impossible to put everyone in a single straight-jacket  of thought in the name of  collective conscience or else, because difference is key to the existence of mankind.   If societies have acknowledged great philosophers and scientists so shall it claim the sufferings of those who want and try but get caught and messed in the spiral of state and society whirlwinds!!.