JK News Today
Keep schools open until weather permits
Srinagar, November 24
Private Schools Association of Kashmir has asked it’s schools to ensure 100 percent attendance of students and teachers during the relaxation period so that maximum benefit is derived from the limited time.
The Association said that it’s schools will undertake evaluation and assessment of students so that need of every individual student can be gauged and remedial measures be taken. “Students are going through a hard phase in their academic life and we have decided to help them in every possible way. Our entire staff would work overtime during the relaxation period to guide and help the students,” said G N Var.
The Association said that various parents had complained that some schools were closed during the relaxation period, which won’t be tolerated by the Association. “It is a matter of serious concern and highhandedness by some schools if they kept their premises closed. We will take appropriate action against them at the appropriate time and ensure all schools remain open,” said Var. The Association urged the Schools not to lose even an hour of the relaxation period.
The Association said that the schools will work in a multi-pronged way to not only compensate for the lost time but also make plans for the future. “Till the time weather permits we will continue our full school work,” said Var.
The Association asked the government not to announce winter vacations without taking in confidence private schools and the parents. “The current situation is such that we can’t have any more holidays other than in extreme necessity. So in this regard we appeal the government not to announce the winter vacations unless school managements and parents are taken on board,” said Var. “During the last few years, the winters too have moderate allowing us to move freely. We can equip our schools with minimum cost to make them winter proof. Till weather permits schools should be allowed to function.”
The Association has decided to work in a mission mode to help the lakhs of students. “The elite and rich students have already left the valley and it is the economy class students whom we have to take care of. That has put added responsibility on us and God willing we wont disappoint the society,”
The Association also expressed its concern on the emergence of some fake parents association who are trying to create wedge between schools and parents. “There are reports of some fake parents association who use some innocent parents for their own benefit. If any parent has any complaint he can approach our association and we will try to resolve it,” said Var. “Schools are public property where majority of middle class students are studying. The schools are also going through a hard phase and during the last two years 152 schools have been closed. So it is the need of the hour to work in cooperation with each other and take the society forward.”