JK News Today
Srinagar, Nov 11
Muslim Conference President and former APHC Chairman Prof Abdul Gani Bhat while addressing a gathering at Srinagar during the launching ceremony of his maiden book “Beyond Me” said that the lingering Kashmir issue has been the main cause of tension and instability in the South Asian region and has led to armed conflicts between India and Pakistan in past causing enormous problems for the smooth and peaceful development of this region.
Prof Bhat also suggested to the heads of the political parties in Kashmir to jointly pass a resolution appealing India and Pakistan to initiate a peaceful and result oriented dialogue viz-a-viz Kashmir issue.
Saying that we remember the promise made by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru of plebiscite which he made amid the roar of gun and noise of claims of democracy, Prof Bhat said people of Kashmir are very sharp than many people around in Sub Continent, have always maintained that if India and Pakistan leadership move towards a meaningful dialogue to solve Kashmir, we (Kashmiris) would support such a process provided both the countries take into account the aspirations and emotions of Kashmiris.
He said people of Kashmir have always been in favor of the resolution of Kashmir issue by peaceful means and through a result oriented dialogue. Prof Bhat said that by relegating Kashmir issue to backburner, the entire South Asia would get plunged into instability and insecurity, adding, a small spark can stoke fires in the entire region. He said by exhibiting political courage, both the countries would secure the bright future of the people living in South Asia.