JK News Today
Jammu September 20:

National Conference Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana today questioned the rationale behind opening of schools from ninth to twelfth class at a time when panic stricken people are wondering how to brave the alarming spike in COVID-19.
“The administration is rushing to opening of the schools from tomorrow, though giving option to parents whether to send their wards to attend the classes or not”, Mr Rana said in a statement, adding this unwise decision can prove to be counter productive.
Mr Rana sought rescinding of the order pertaining to opening of schools till the anvil of vaccine to fight the virus, saying this is all the more important as the health structure has totally collapsed in Jammu. The medical facilities are inadequate and children, the future of the nation, cannot be exposed to risk. Keeping this in view, the administration must revisit the decision and take appropriate measures to instil confidence among the people. He said the option of submitting indemnity bonds by the parents, intending to send their children to schools, in itself speaks that the government is not very sure on its decision.
In the larger interest of the student community, the decision about the opening of schools should be deferred and rolled back till the situation normalises, the Provincial President added.