JK News Today

Jammu, June 19:

For the first time in medical history of Jammu, a rare procedure of Embolisation was conducted in the Department of Cardiology, ASCOMS & Hospital when a 60 year old male was referred to Emergency Deptt. of ASCOMS at night with the complaint of passage of red coloured urine. On investigation, it was found that the urine contained frank blood. The detailed history and investigations revealed that Renal Artery (blood vessel of the Kidney) was profusely bleeding. The patient was immediately shifted to the Cath lab at night and Renal Angiography was done which showed frank bleeding from infezrior branch of the Renal Artery. The Intervention Cardiologist, Dr. Ujjaval Chandra Mehrotra, informed that such cases can be fatal if proper timely intervention is not done. According to him this profusely bleeding artery was successfully blocked using PVA Particals, a treatment which was up till now not available in Jammu region. The patients having high risk of bleeding were not taken up for surgeries due to lack of facility of embolisation, which is now available in ASCOMS & Hospital. In all such cases patients can not travel long distances due to continuous bleeding. According to Dr. Mehrotra, this is a minimally invasive and highly effective way to close the bleeding in the emergency condition with a very high success rate. Kidney embolisation also known as Renal Artery Embolisation is used to control bleeding caused by trauma, tumours, cancer or any other condition. Catheter embolisation places medication or synthetic maerials called embolic agents through a catheter into a blood vessel to block the blood flow of the affected area inside the body.

It is informed that Dr. Mehrotra, an Intervention Cardiologist is available at ASCOMS & Hospital for tackling all such cases.