JK News Today Special

Jammu, February 06:

The restoration of 4 G internet services in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday night is a harbinger of major political developments across the Union Territory in coming months.

Next few months would be very crucial in the political life of J&K , where the electoral politics of the traditional type- Assembly elections – are also in suspended animation , though it is confirmed now that these polls will be held in October.

Union home Minister Amit Shah whose ministry took the decision to restore the 4G mobile internet services across J&K on Friday has been working on a larger plan of welfare of the region even as many other pressing issues , particularly those arising out of farmers’ strike in some parts of the country , and the elections in politically critical states of West Bengal and Assam have been drawing his attention.

Sources said that the restoration of 4 G after a gap of 18 months is to test the waters – how the situation behaves and also how the political groups would use these facilities . The idea is to build on the new narrative that the Centre is responsive to the sensitivities of the people of J&K , from Kathua to Kupwara , as also that normalcy is beginning to emerge in a stronger form.

It will also test Pakistan , which of late has been making noises about peace with India – first made by its army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa followed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on the condition that Kashmir issue is addressed in a dignified manner.- whether it can stay away from the temptation of inciting the people of Kashmir against India.

Since August 5, 2019, when the communication services were snapped in run up to the scrapping of the Article 370 that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir State , the people in the UT of J&K had been deprived of these facilities because it was suspected that Pakistan would play its usual role in provoking the people to protest in streets – a certain. Recipe for bullets and bodies. This was also to curb the violent instincts of the subversive elements .

“ The lives of the people were more precious than the communication facilities ,” it was argued by the officials. They had their genuine fears , but one aspect could not be overlooked that the people genuine need of communication in the times of emergency. This had created another humanitarian crisis.

Home Minister must have taken all these things into consideration before asking his ministry and the UT Government to re-open the 4G services to J&K.