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KATHUA, APRIL 11: Returning Officer (RO) for Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency (PC) today notified the dates for postal ballot voting enabling the absentee voters falling under the categories of Senior Citizens (AVSc), Persons with Disability (AVPD) and COVID-19 suspect or affected persons (AVCO) to exercise their right to franchise.
In a proactive measure to ensure inclusion of all eligible voters in electoral process, these categories of voters have been provided with the option to exercise their franchise through postal ballot.
This initiative aims to accommodate the specific needs and circumstances of individuals who may face difficulties in physically visiting polling stations on Election Day.
Under the supervision of respective Assistant Returning Officers (AROs), polling teams will conduct two home visits on 14th and 15th April in the respective assembly segments. These visits will allow identified electors to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes, thereby upholding their right to vote while prioritizing their safety and convenience.
Returning Officer Udhampur PC, Dr. Rakesh Minhas, emphasized that the polling teams will coordinate in advance with the identified electors to determine the most suitable time for their visits. This proactive approach ensures that the secrecy of the vote is maintained at all stages, in strict adherence to the guidelines provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI).
The provision is in line with ECI guidelines to facilitate voting through postal ballot for absentee voters. The electoral authorities aim to uphold the principles of democracy and ensure that every eligible citizen can participate in the electoral process without barriers. This initiative reaffirms the commitment of the election administration to promote inclusivity and accessibility in the electoral process.