New Delhi ,  October 11  ( JKNT)  While celebrating  the foundation day of RSS, its chief  Mohan Bhagwat  told  a gathering in Nagpur that forces from have instigated the whole trouble in Kashmir across the border .

In his address on the occasion, which is seen as a guideline for the RSS cadre all across the country  till next Dusshera , a Hindu festival marking victory of  good over bad ,   Bhagwat touched  on the ongoing unrest in Kashmir and the surgical strike  by India in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Bhagwat said that the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir has always been an integral part of India.

He also congratulated the armed forces on the recent surgical strikes among other responses to cross border terrorism.

“Miscreants in Kashmir are encouraged by those from across the border; which is a fact the whole world knows,” he said . This was a clear reference to Pakistan  which has been nourishing anti-India militant outfits on its soil.

And this government has given a fitting reply as well. Under this government our Army has shown great courage)

The nation is progressing slowly, but there are some forces in the world that fear India’s influence.

RSS chief’s assertions  are expected to be echoed  by BJP in Jammu and Kashmir , while separatists might react to it adversely .