Binoo Joshi

J K News Today

In a big initiative  to restore Dal lake to its  pristine glory  , Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday exhorted the experts in the environmental sciences and water bodies to put their best foot forward in saving this proud heritage of Kashmir that has suffered massive neglect over the decades

While chairing  a meeting of committee of experts through virtual mode , to deliberate upon important measures required to restore the ecosystem of Dal Lake, Sinha said that no stone should be left unturned in doing so. “ This is our heritage and its  survival is crucial to overall ecosystem ,” the L G is reported to have told the experts.

The existing condition of the lake that once had the water expanse of 22 Sq. Kms is now around 10 Sq. Kms , and may be even less  as some of the recent surveys have revealed . This shrinkage has been caused by the encroachment of  the lake waters which were filled by the unscrupulous elements with the political patronage, through muscle and money power and  the ministries and the Lake and Waterways Development Authority  ( LAWDA)  looked other way round for consideration .The  nullahs and rivulets flowing into the lake were choked by the massive construction .

Manoj Sinha  made it plain that he was interested in concrete  and implementable proposal to restore the beauty of lake suiting its title of “ jewel in crown” of Srinagar. This beauty, can be restored , he said , only when all stakeholders make a united effort to do so. The government will do whatever is possible , and experts should also list the ways to seek cooperation of  the Dal dwellers and civil society, for this lake’s survival is important for the revival of tourism and economy .

These are the vital factors that are required to be take to save the lake.

The LG said that a missionary zeal is required to save Dal Lake , and for that where the advice of experts will matter, so will be  a people-generated campaign to save the water body.