J K News Today Commentary

Home Minister Amit Shah has allayed  all the fears generated by the vested interests about the methodology of implementing Citizenship Amendment Act and  recording the National Population Register , and this should have wide effect the political landscape in more than one ways.

The whole importance of his statement in Rajya Sabha on Thursday lay in the fact that not only he  cleared the nature of the documents required or not required to qualify for the citizenship, its real significance lies in the fact that Home Minister has demonstrated  an extraordinary responsive approach toward the concerns of the people of the country, particularly minorities.’ These words gained bigger meaning and importance after he declared that no citizen would be put in D- doubtful category.

Its implication is there for J&K as well, though the nature of citizenship of permanent residents was never in doubt. It was not questioned even when the specials status of the erstwhile state of J&K was done away with on August 5 last year. There is a message that the people should read and understand that their concerns , too, would be taken care of by the Modi government, as it has taken those of the scared minorities in the country. The minorities were scared after the CAA  was passed and they were at the heart of the anti-CAA protests joined by several others who had such perceived apprehensions.

As far as  Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, it did not have any issue about its Indian citizenship . They were the natural Indian citizens

 The  mere possession of the state subject or the permanent resident certificate qualifies them to stay as citizens of the country despite the change in the constitutional status of J&K- from being a special status state under Article 370  to  Union Territory  ruled by Delhi directly .The state subject is  is the best document that they have  to prove their citizenship , because all the citizens of J&K in the erstwhile state  were natural citizens of the country as well.

Importance of Home Minister’s statement on Thursday conveys an unequivocal message that all  all the apprehensions that spawned across J&K since the constitutional changes in its status and statehood  could be addressed in the similar manner . Peace is the only requirement and that had to be measured in the visibility and also feelings . the emotional connect is the need of the hour. And, if Amit Shah’s statement in the parliament  to Muslim brethren  is anything to go by , J&K need to nurture fears of any kind . That message has broadcasted itself, now it deserves a meaning.

The people of J&K should also be aware that  if they remain silent to the overtures of the Centre , that would not bring any middle- ground , which  is a must for a way forward.

Shah has opened the window of opportunity for  J&K, and now it is for the people here to respond.