JK News Commentary

People’s Conference chairman Sajjad Gani Lone’s wife  Asma Khan Lone  has raised a pertinent question about the  rights and privileges of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan  the part of Jammu and Kashmir  that is under illegal occupation of Pakistan since 1947.

This question gains extraordinary importance  now when the political groups  in Kashmir , People’s Democratic Party and  National Conference  have raised a strong pitch for preserving the special status of the State  by giving a call for the unity of  all the groups to resist further erosion of the special status granted to  the State  in the Indian Constitution .

While their worries  have  typical political orientation  that has been pitched harder ahead of the Assembly elections  due now after the November 21  dissolution of the Assembly by  Governor Satya Pal Malik, they are silent about the fate of the State’s territories under the  illegal occupation of Pakistan .  This is sheer double standard  because this leadership will have to first decide which  state are they talking about – the whole of Jammu and Kashmir is part of India   because of the State’s accession to the country by last Dogra king Maharaja Hari Singh in October 1947 , within days after Pakistan sponsored tribesmen invaded Jammu and Kashmir.

Asma Khan Lone , whose family originally belongs to Gilgit Baltistan that Pakistan is bent upon incorporating  on its political and geographical  map with the help of army  and has practically handed over to China , has sought  answers  about the people  living under the repressive regime of Pakistan  that has  denied right to land and  resources to  them.

Ms Lone has tweeted : “ Oppose any changes to the special status of J&K (the little left) yet ironic that Gilgit-Baltistan was stripped of similar rights in early 1970’s. As renewed debate over its status erupts need to reclaim indigenous rights over natural resources, land ownership & fiscal autonomy.”

It is time for the political groups in Kashmir  Valley to speak about the whole of the State, the parts of occupied by Pakistan deserve more attention because Pakistan  is ruling ruthlessly over them.