JK News Today 

Jammu, August 19:
The General Public is hereby informed that in order to flush out the silt from the reservoir Mandatory Silt Flushing from the reservoir of Salal Power station is to be done. Hence the gates of the Dam shall be opened on 22/08/2020 from 05:45 AM (Morning) to 22/08/2020 06:30 PM (Evening ). Due to which , there will be increase in flow of water and level of river Chenab shall increase on downstream of river Chenab also decrease on upstream of river at any point of time. As such, movement of men, vehicles and cattle/animals into the river is not advisable during the period. Therefore, the General Public of the area is informed through this notice that in order to avoid any mishap they should take proper care and should not go into Chenab river during this period. Anybody violating this notice/request shall be doing so at his own risk and responsibility and the Management of Salal Power Station shall not be held responsible for consequence thereof.