By  Shivani Gupta , Skin therapist in Jammu


Aging can be due to collagen in Dermis layer. Dermis becomes thin and skin becomes flat. Ultraviolet rays are also harmful for your skin.
If your face looks dull and skin not glowing, it will not be changing by wearing expensive and fancy clothing. You need to do justice to your skin, pamper it with utmost care right away.

Stem cells are the best and fastest in regenerating the stem cell in your skin and giving you great anti-aging effects .There’s nothing better than retinol.  Though it is a derivative of vitamin A and is naturally occurring in our skin, the kind used in most—if not all—of our skin care has been synthesized in one way or another .

There are some special lifting and tightening program done with the help of Radio Frequency (RF). It helps in targeting the fat cells and freezing it. If you are troubled with double chin or extra fat around your face you can get a perfect shape a chizzled jawline ,With the help of Radio Frequency  (RF) also helps in pore reduction, lifting and tightening. Malus domestica a stem cell promotes the vitality and longitivity of skin cell and delays aging.

Thus an apple plant cell helps in protecting skin stem cells. There are treatments like botox,  4D Face lift  available in market. Botox is a surgical treatment for skin lifting, whereas  4D face lift  is lifting skin for a period of one year ,non-surgical where in the three layers of your skin are worked on .
The procedure is for an hour . Even there are facials which are your regular regime to be repeated after a period of 25 days to maintain the skin. Apart from this add adequate amount of calcium,  vitamin D, physical activity, eat healthy and sleep well. Issue is not about physical aging, it’s about remaining vigorous and youthful in your spirits stay young n stay healthy.