It is our moral duty to provide every woman a journey safe and immune of eve-teasing and physical harassment in public transports. Every day female folks travel to school, colleges, work-place or anywhere on earth, in a public transport but unfortunately, they have to travel in discomfort and not even once a man offers a seat to the female folk.

It is common sense to offer a seat to anybody who is an elderly, a woman, a disable, women with small children, pregnant women etc., but the saddest part is that despite knowing the fact that the seat should be offered, the male folks keep sitting and ignoring.

Every day we witness a mess over the ladies seat. An earnest request, a blatant refusal, a verbal fight is the result of the ignorance of the female about their right to have a seat in the public transport. The female folks being ignorant of the fact that in every public transport there are seats reserved especially for women – meaning thereby that if a man is sitting on such seat, a lady can ask him to vacate it for her and in case the male folk is reluctant to vacate it she may ask to the conductor of the transport to vacate it for her.

A courteous act merits a courteous reply. We must also guide the female folk which seats are reserved for them in the transport so that no mess is created and the women can sit comfortably on their reserved seats. The fellow feminists travelling in the transport must also support the women for the same in the transport instead of ignoring and watching silently. Let’s break the trend and know our rights and duties.