Jammu, August 6: Two young Section Engineers were washed away in flash floods of Beni nallah in Billawar area last evening.

According to police, the two Section Engineers of a Delhi based construction company were taking the stock of the work at the site of the under construction bridge over Beni nallah in Billawar to be executed tomorrow after today’s construction was finished in the evening and laborers and other workers had called it a day.

Police said while the two engineers were busy in checking the steel and shuttering for tomorrow’s execution in the meantime there was a current of water in the nallah and the two engineers were caught in the middle of the flash floods. The laborers and other workers who were at a far off distance from the site saw the two engineers trapped in flood water but could not do any thing till both of them were washed away by a strong current of water.

The river was over-flooded due to heavy rains in upper reaches of Billawar and the two engineers were unaware of the same as they were busy in their work.

The duo was identified as Raju Shah 29, S/o Prashant Shah of West Bengal and Naresh Gupta, 30 of Delhi.

Billawar Police also swung into action after hearing of the tragedy but in the dark and strong current of flood water in the river it could not launch any rescue operation during the night.

The higher ups in the administration were also informed about the tragedy by the district administration and authorities have decided to launch the rescue operations by early morning tomorrow. The SDRF has also been informed and asked to join the rescue operations in the morning to fish out the two bodies from the river.

The families of the two engineers were also contacted by the company.