Special Commentary

Jk News Today

Jammu, January 16:

Something unique has happened , on the orders of a Malaysian court , a PIA passenger plane has been impounded at Kuala Lumpur over a $14 million lease dispute between the airlines and a U K based party Peregrine leaving passengers high and dry.

This particular incident in itself is an embarrassment for the PIA, the state-owned Airlines , but more to Pakistan government that could not prevent such a situation . It is a reflection of Pakistan’s ever-degrading standing at the international level as the matter that should have been settled in the court rooms has led to the seizure of passenger plane on the tarmacs.

This is double humiliation for Pakistan as it has opened doors for such things to happen again – Pakistani institutions have lost their legal standing as also pose a threat to the travellers . For no fault of theirs, the passengers have become hostage to the situation .

It is not because of any terrorist threat or any other eventuality but because of the failure of their government. It is unthinkable that Pakistan government was not aware of the dispute or could not anticipate the consequences of not settling the matters in courts in time . Something was amiss and the price for that is being paid by the passengers.

This is just one aspect that how Pakistan is putting to risk its citizens and the travelers of other nationalities travelling from other countries to Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, main international airports in Pakistan . It is a serious matter because this tells upon the unreliability of the aviation sector in Pakistan , like everything else in the country.

The other part is also very serious . Malaysia had echoed Pakistan’s broadsides against India following abrogation of Article 370 and change in the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 . Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had hailed the Malaysian leadership for their stand on Kashmir . that meant that the two nations were having friendly ties. Now everything seems to have fallen apart.

That tells that how the apparent friendly countries are not bothered about taking action against Pakistan’s aviation assets when the situation so demands. No concessions have been offered , and there hangs a tale of Pakistan not getting any favour in the times of crises. This speaks of Pakistan’s isolation.

Pakistan should learn what it means to foster artificial friendship . Thirdly, of course Malaysia and Pakistan are Islamic countries . Again, Pakistan should realise that no country will ever forego its interests because of the religious affinity.