JK News Today

Jammu, September 14:

Expressing concern over swelling figures of COVId-19 patients in Jammu and Kashmir particularly in Jammu District, Team Jammu on Monday raised a question over politicization of functioning in the Government Medical College and Hospital.

In a statement issued here, Team Jammu Chairman Zorawar Singh Jamwal, day after Jammu GMC Principal, Dr Naseeb Chand Digra offered volunteer retirement alleging anarchy in the system, said, “it is unfortunate that faculty in the GMC have leveled such serious allegations of indiscipline and monopoly in the administration of the hospital.”

“Doctors are next to God and those hampering the functioning of the system, can never be saviours of humans,” Jamwal rued asserting that as per reports, bureaucracy is ‘poking its nose’ in the smooth working of the Jammu GMC and that too at a period when visitors need special attention in these institutions in view of Corona pandemic.

“Jammu GMC is a premier institution and faculty including doctors, para-medical staff, junior doctors, even registrars, have alleged nepotism in the bureaucracy and this is the reason, the functioning in the hospital has never improved,” he said.

“In my opinion, Bureaucrats are not meant for interfering into the smooth sailing but instead, they should facilitate the functioning by finding the loopholes and shortcomings and address them on time,” said the Team Jammu Chairman.

“People are dying, patients are not getting adequate treatment, reportedly technical faults are breaking in the machinery and in such a scenario, rather than strengthening the system, the top chair in the administration is engaged in pulling the leg of the faculty and staff, it is shameful,” he alleged.

Politicising of Jammu GMC working is not acceptable, he said and added, “health and medical system is one of the major requirements of any state or the region to make their people safe and secure but if the way Bureaucracy interfering in Jammu and Kashmir and playing a spoilsport, the time is not far when the complete system will collapse.”

“The new Lieutenant Governor Manoj Kumar Sinha is a man of repute and known as ‘Vikas Purush’ and we appeal to him to find out those are degrading the working in the Jammu GMC to create an impression of poor health and medical system in the UT,” Zorawar said adding, “we are sure that he will personally intervene and find out the facts to revive lost credibility and faith of people in the medical system.”