J K News Today Commentary

Jammu, August 19:

The Centre today announced withdrawal of 100 companies of Central Armed Police Forces from Jammu and Kashmir. It is a demonstrative act by Delhi to showcase that how it controlled a volatile situation without causing loss of a single soul in the law and order situation as many had feared that the decisions taken on August 5 last year would bloody the landscape of the Valley. The valley was saved , lives were saved. After the forces had done their duty, they have been called back.

It’s as simple as that . Delhi wasn’t interested in keeping them a day more than they were required in J&K.

This has, effectively, rebuffed their fiction that Delhi was in control of things because of the presence of the military and paramilitary forces . A dynamic of deployment of forces , the necessity to keep them in a conflict-ridden place is different from the way some chronic critics look at it .

Pakistan and its agents have propounded the theory that India is ruling Kashmir because of the forces . This theory gets its traction from some of the perennially hostile human rights groups of various hues .

And, be sure that none of these will ever write or highlight that Delhi is gradually withdrawing the forces from Jammu and Kashmir. Each and every move of this nature has its necessity and compulsion , it is just for nothing that the troopers are moved in . This is in response to a situation and also in anticipation of some situations that the forces are brought in and deployed.

The forces have a role , and when their role is over, they go back to where from they had come . The same logic has worked this time, too.

The Centre had deployed 100 additional companies of the CAPFs in July last year , days ahead of the revocation of the Article 370 and bifurcation of then state of J&K into two Union Territories. The forces were in place with their eyes on the ground to check the trouble that some vested interests had planned to disturb peace of the Valley.

As, it is now a recorded fact not even a single casualty took place in Kashmir during the period after the specials tatus was withdrawn is an irrefutable evidence of the utility of these forces that time. Now, the situation has calmed down and there is not a fear of any largescale law and order trouble, the troopers are going back.

It is an answer to all those questioning the presence of the forces in Kashmir that Delhi is ruling J&K because it is an integral part of India, and it is duty bound to save its territorial integrity and lives of the people .