Srinagar, Aug 29:

The number of policemen killed in militancy-related incidents this year so far has crossed last year’s mark with 34 dead already this year.
In 2017, when the government forces upped the anti-militancy operations in the Valley, 31 policemen were killed in various militancy-related incidents across the Valley.
A total of 65 government personnel including the 34 policemen have been killed in the hinterland and along the Line of Control in Kashmir this year.
While Police suffered highest, 34 casualties, Army suffered 25 fatalities and paramilitary CRPF also lost its six personnel in different militancy-related incidents in the Valley.
A senior Police officer said policemen bore the maximum brunt of militancy as the force was leading the front in anti-militancy operations in Kashmir.
“The attacks on the forces are retaliatory actions and frustration of militants against the forces who have been fighting them,” he said.
Of the 34 policemen killed this year, most were killed in south Kashmir districts, the epicenter of the new-age militancy, while some were also killed in central and north Kashmir districts.
A Police official said majority of policemen killed this year had not been killed in gunfights but in attacks by militants that were carried out at their homes while some policemen were also kidnapped before being killed.
“Some of the policemen, who were on duty for different purposes, were also killed,” the official said.
June and August were the worst months for police as 16 of its personnel, eight each in June and August, were killed by militants in the Valley.
Four policemen each were killed in January and March.
At least three policemen were killed in February while the months of April and May witnessed the killing of one policeman each.
Five policemen were killed during the Ramadan ceasefire announced by Government of India on May 16 and called off on June 17.
Inspector General of Police (IGP) Swayam Prakash Pani termed the attack a “dastardly” act.
“Police will pursue the case and take all possible legal measures to ensure the involved in the attack are brought to face the law,” he said.
The IGP said the killing of two militants in Anantnag was a “key success” for the government forces.
A police officer said this year till 130 militants had been killed in various anti-militancy operations while over 128 local youth had picked up gun.

Courtesy: Rising Kashmir