By Vaneet Kaur

A girl child’s prodigious plight, will she or will she not see the light? The dilemma about daughters refuses to wane, the dwindling numbers depict this disdain. What is their sin? Perhaps the race to form the favoured chromosomal match that they failed to win! While a few born under a lucky star are given the nod to be, did they cause any harm if they were not nipped in the bud by thee?

Girls when allowed to bide, only made the nation swell with pride. They helm the entirety – starting from strategic state visions to complex mars missions. We are well cognizant of multitude of doughty daughters, still there are many more unsung heroines who continue to show their true mettle in a country where lads still remain the apple of the eyes.

We talk fondly of Kargil war heroes, the sons of our soil, but the story of the first women warriors of Kargil remains untold. Two dauntless women aviators, Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena and Flight Lieutenant Srividya Rajan flew dozens of helicopter sorties in the Kargil war front. Undeterred by the attacks in their unarmed and defenceless Cheetah choppers, the women pilots brilliantly air-dropped supplies to troops, evacuated injured army soldiers, and reported enemy positions to the army. Those who are still up in the air about the importance of a girl child should look at this duo which served as the wind beneath the wings for many at the crucial time of war.



Another beau idéal of this compassionate ilk is Mrs. Seema Rao, India’s only female commando trainer. This incredible woman has been training India’s special forces for 20 years without any compensation. A 7th-degree black belt holder in military martial arts, a prominent expert in close quarter battle, a combat shooting instructor, a fire-fighter, a scuba diver, an HMI medalist in rock climbing, and a Mrs India World pageant finalist – this is what a single girl child is capable of becoming! When allowed to breathe what all can the genus collectively not do?



Closer home, a girl child grew up to become not only a doctor but also created history by becoming J&K’s first woman IPS officer. Dr. Ruveda Salam, a young Assistant Commissioner of Police, hailing from the remote Farkin village in the border district of Kupwara, cleared UPSC exam twice. This girl has not only made her kin but the entire state proud! Even so, the society continues to leave girls in the lurch.



Still and all, the society turns its back towards girl children. One such baby girl was left on the streets 60 years ago. Nor did Prakash Kour cling to life herself, but also embarked on the altruistic journey to rescue abandoned newborn girls in the patriarchy’s heartland. At the moment, she is bringing up 64 abandoned girls with meticulous and maternal care in her Unique Home. Her trust organized for education of girls in the top-notch schools of the town and marriage of 17 belles who completed their studies. What did the society do to this girl child and what all is she not doing for the society? Ms. Kour is indeed an epitome of magnanimous spirit of girls!



The beautiful creation of God, called as a Girl Child has an equal right to live and thrive. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “So Kyon Manda Aakhiye Jit Jamme Rajan” (“Why call ‘her’ inferior? From her, the Kings are born”). These are the words of God, then which contractors of society made the tradition of looking down upon women and forsaking and killing them? Of woman are all born, of woman conceived, by woman is the civilization continued! So do not suffocate girl children and behave gruesome, rather help them to fully bloom and blossom. Save Girl Child, Save thy-Self!