Kathua, June 10:

Nobody can appreciate our doctors and frontline workers enough for all the work that they have done this past year. Many have made immeasurable sacrifices to help as many people as they can, and they continue to do so without any complaints.

Adding to this list of selfless doctors is Kathua’s Dr Shivani Sharma who continues to do her COVID-19 duty despite being 8-months pregnant. She works at the Primary Health Centre in Lakhanpur which is situated near the Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir border.

“This is my 8th month. A little stress is there but I have no problem working during pregnancy because right now, people are suffering due to shortage of doctors,” said Dr Shivani.

PHC Lakhanpur, being at the border of two states is a vital point that sees a high footfall of patients due to its location. Citing this high demand, Dr Shivani said that she did not want to quit given the shortage of doctors in the area.

Talking about her family and the support she received from them, Dr Shivani adds, “I live with my in-laws and everyone is supportive of my decision to work while pregnant. My husband, who is also a practising doctor, says, ‘Helping those in need becomes our first duty and our baby will be safe and protected with their blessings’.”