New Delhi, November 12:

The Army on Friday, November 12, assured the Supreme Court that it will grant permanent commission to 11 women who moved the court alleging that their applications for permanent commissioning had been rejected despite fulfilling all eligibility criteria.

The Supreme Court had earlier warned that Army officials would be held guilty of being in contempt of court for failing to do so despite it ruling otherwise in a previous case. After the SC’s warning, the Army said that a decision regarding the women officers will be taken at the earliest. The Supreme Court directed the Army to complete the process of granting permanent commission to the women officers by November 26.

The apex court said: “We appreciate the fair stand of the Army authorities in putting to rest all issues raised by the Women SSCOs [Short Service Commissioned Officers].”

The Supreme Court in February 2020 had ordered the Centre to ensure that women officers are given a permanent commission (PC) in the Army while adding that the officers will now be eligible for command posting. The Supreme Court had also directed the Centre to grant permanent commission within three months to all women officers in Army who opt for it.

PC for women officers in junior batches has also commenced from December 2020, in which they are considered for PC in their 10th year of service.