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Jammu, May 13th 2024. International Nurses Day is a momentous occasion celebrated worldwide to honor the remarkable contributions of nurses to society. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare systems globally, serving on the frontlines of patient care, research, education, and advocacy. Their unwavering commitment and compassion empower individuals and communities, driving positive health outcomes and fostering resilience, especially in times of crisis. As the world faces unprecedented challenges in healthcare, today, on International Nurses Day, AIIMS Jammu honours the unwavering dedication and contributions of nurses worldwide. This annual celebration, held on May 12th, marks a special occasion to recognize the invaluable role nurses play in delivering compassionate care, promoting health, and saving lives every day

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This year, on May 13th, 2024, under the theme “Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care,” AIIMS Jammu pays tribute to the tireless dedication and invaluable role nurses play in shaping healthcare. The theme “Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care” highlights the indispensable economic impact of nursing care. Beyond their clinical duties, nurses generate significant economic value through their expertise, innovation, and leadership. Their pivotal role in healthcare delivery contributes to cost-effective and sustainable healthcare systems, driving economic growth and development. The theme underscores the pivotal role nurses play not only in healthcare delivery but also in shaping the economic future of healthcare systems worldwide. As advocates for patient-centered care, champions of health equity, and leaders in innovation, nurses drive positive change and inspire excellence across all facets of healthcare.

     AIIMS Jammu acknowledges the resilience and bravery demonstrated by nurses amidst the ongoing global health scenario. From the frontline heroes combating pandemics to those providing comfort and healing in communities around the globe, nurses exemplify courage, compassion, and professionalism in the face of adversity. As we navigate through unprecedented challenges in healthcare, nurses have emerged as true heroes, demonstrating unparalleled courage, resilience, and professionalism. Their selfless sacrifices and unwavering dedication inspire hope and instil confidence in our collective ability to overcome adversity.

Nurses’ Day celebration at AIIMS Jammu started on 10th May with unfolding of theme by Principal, College of Nursing followed by lamp lighting by the dignitaries. The ED & CEO of AIIMS Jammu, Prof (Dr) Shakti Kumar Gupta graced the occasion as Chief guest. He

delivered a profoundly moving and motivational speech that resonated deeply with all in attendance. With the auditorium brimming with nurses from various specialties and departments, the director’s address served as a poignant tribute to the unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions of our nursing staff. The Medical Superintendent of AIIMS, Jammu Gen Sunil Kant also shared words of wisdom. Among other dignitary present who encouraged nurses were Deans, Associate Deans and Faculty from various departments. The nurses showcased the diverse array of talents. The nurses participated in Extempore, Pebble Painting, Poster Making, Face Painting, Singing, Dance and Fashion Show. This celebration of Nurses Day fostered a sense of community feeling among healthcare professionals.

As attendees mingled and reflected on the day’s festivities, there was a sense of pride and camaraderie that permeated in the auditorium. The talent shows not only entertained and uplifted spirits but also strengthened the sense of community among healthcare professionals, reaffirming their commitment to excellence in patient care. AIIMS Jammu salutes the economic power of care and reaffirm the commitment to supporting and empowering nurses as champions of health and wellbeing.