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Jammu, July 09: Navigating a large hospital can be daunting, especially for first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with the layout. The stress and anxiety of locating departments, wards, and specific areas can negatively impact a patient’s experience.
“In a landmark stride towards patient-centric healthcare, AIIMS Jammu proudly introduces its revolutionary “Indoor Navigation System”, designed to illuminate the path to compassionate care. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that no patient is left alone at AIIMS Jammu, providing guidance at every step. Our effort is that every patient’s journey through our corridors is not just seamless, but infused with comfort and assurance.
Recently, the Honourable Health Minister and esteemed dignitaries were deeply impressed by this innovation during their visit to AIIMS Jammu. They hailed it as a beacon of progress in healthcare accessibility, emphasizing its role in enhancing patient experience and facilitating efficient therapy delivery. They said, “”This technology allows patients to concentrate on their health and well-being without the stress of getting lost or being late for appointments. It stands as a testament to AIIMS Jammu’s commitment to pioneering solutions that prioritize patient well-being above all else.” The system is praised by all, for being easy to use and designed to meet the needs of all our patients
On asking, the Executive Director & CEO, AIIMS Jammu, Prof (Dr) Shakti Kumar Gupta, shared some of the salient features of this system, “The Indoor Patient Navigation System at AIIMS Jammu offers real-time location tracking on user-friendly maps, ensuring patients reach their appointments without getting lost. It provides voice-guided navigation for visually impaired individuals and calculates the most efficient routes, considering stairs and elevators, to aid patients with mobility limitations. The system also gives detailed directions to departments, wards, and facilities, reducing the need to ask staff for help, and displays information about nearby amenities like restrooms, cafeterias, and waiting areas for better visit planning.” He further added, “The Indoor Navigation System supports both, Android and iOS smartphones, ensuring accessibility for all.”
He said, “In short, “Indoor Navigation system”, developed in collaboration with IIT Delhi, functions like GPS for indoor environments. The system uses mobile apps, internet connectivity, Bluetooth, and strategically placed beacons to provide precise location tracking and real-time navigation assistance throughout the hospital.”
The Director recalled his time as MS of RP Eye Centre, AIIMS Delhi, witnessing the challenges faced by visually impaired patients and their attendants in navigating the hospital, leading to injuries and delays that compounded their health and mental well-being. Motivated by this experience, he envisioned a solution like the Indoor Patient Navigation System, to enhance ease and safety for all patients, reflecting a deep commitment to compassionate healthcare innovation.
The launch of the “Indoor Navigation System” marks a significant step forward for AIIMS Jammu. By embracing cutting-edge technology, the institute is creating a more patient-centred and efficient healthcare environment, paving the way for a healthier future for all. AIIMS Jammu proudly leads as the first AIIMS to offer this facility for its patients.