J K News Today

Jammu, June 29:

Home Minister Amit Shah  was categorically emphatic that India will win  both the battles of corona virus and  China  stand off . It is not over optimism nor overconfidence , it demonstrated faith of the leadership in leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi , and their faith in the warriors fighting the corona pandemic that has eaten away many vitals of Indian society , and derailed the economy.

Amit Shah has not hinted but exuded self confidence that this battle would be won . He has something to substantiate – India’s record in tackling the pandemic is far better than other countries . What he meant was that a country of India’s size struck by the pandemic that has infected 10 million people across the world  and killed 500,000 of them  is  having very low numbers of infections and deaths in comparison.

Nevertheless Covid- 19 is a crisis . There are no immediate signs of its disappearing any time soon because the deadly disease is showing  no light at the end of tunnel for doctors and scientists. The Vaccine efforts are on, but the vaccine is yet to appear , and even if it does, the questions of when will the poor have access to it and at what cost.

Amit Shah rightly analysed the situation . Corona virus is  a big problem . Another big problem is on borders. China has started a stand-off in eastern Ladakh since beginning May , In one of the clashes that took place in Galwan valley in the Himalayan heights  on June 15, Indian soldiers killed an unspecified number of casualties , while India lost 20 soldiers. The loss of Indian soldiers has  shocked the nation .

Fighting battle on two fronts is a challenge . This is the time for the nation to stand as one. His observations that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is playing petty politics at the cost of the national interest and the morale of solders  should be understood in the proper context. When nation is faced with thus kind of crisis , it should stand united , rather than  showing its fissures. It is the responsibility of the opposition to support the government.

Rahul Gandhi, however , by calling Prime Minister as “surrender Modi” has given advantage to Pakistan and China – the most undesirable thing to do in such circumstances . It  would be better for Rahul  Gandhi to learn from the leaders like Modi and Amit Shah , how to conduct in such challenging situations .