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 Post August 5, 2019 , political narrative has started changing  in which the illusions are getting replaced by the stark reality of  the changing times that have brought new ideas .

This new idea politics is taking roots . Jammu  Kashmir Apni Party is leading this kind of politics  that can show the real and right path to the people.

“ We  are Indians, and we want to be treated at par with our countrymen living in the rest of the country,” that is the mantra that Apni Party’s founder president Altaf Bukhari has given to his party and also relayed it to the people  all across J&K and beyond its boundaries . It is  having fair ideas about the  situation, sentiment and also has the solution thereof.

Apni Party  has not forgotten  what happened on August 5 , 2019 .  The most disturbing phenomenon was that the  statehood was taken away along with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir  as the state was divided into two union territories . While the fact is that the special status structure was more or less hollow as it  was faltering day by day, the loss of the statehood was something unacceptable to almost all residents of J&K that was degraded to the status of UT.

There was a strong  reason for why the UT was unacceptable. J&K was a state that had its own history, culture and communal bonds that had lived through centuries  since the  times of the documented history .  Several UTs, like Goa, Nagaland and few others were upgraded to the level of states , and many states like U P and Bihar and others were split into states- Jharkhand was born as a new state, and  Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh. There was no justification for J&K being split into two UTs.

Altaf Bukhari and his party knew that any adamancy on the  special status that in any case  was  a hollow structure could also impact the restoration of statehood adversely. He played as a strategist – pressed for the statehood and also the protection of the rights of jobs for the locals in the domicile policy  announced early this year. He is killing two birds with one stone to which the Centre is also  amenable .

Apni  Party is now gradually moving to the development issues , linking it with the restoration of the statehood, because the UT means bureaucratic rule , which , in no way  is a substitute to the political government .  The  governance under a state and a UT signifies different  parameters, where politicians have their own  rules  of reaching out to the people . Political parties know that how they can connect  with the people, they are available 24×7 and their feedback is not one time but a cumulative effect of different people and different ideas which give insight into the mind of the people  and their urges and aspirations .

Its main contribution , despite the unwelcome and dangerous interruption by Covid-19 – so far has been that it has tried and succeeded in pulling the people of J&K out of delusions  to which they were pushed to in the past .