J K News Today

Jammu, August 3:

One year  of any event is not just a  commemorative date on the calendar,  impact makes it historical . The real impact cannot be summed up in a single word or sentence .

The August 5, 2019 , reshaped the history  of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh . These changes are welcome  as these undid the injustice and realised a long-awaited  idea of one nation, one constitution  that means  quality and freedom for one and all without any discrimination on any count . This reflected the real spirit of the Indian constitution , the equality in real sense of the word .

These changes are welcome – the Indianness of the land and the people of J&K . These represent   march with the times  after coming out of the cocooned mindset . This section knows what exactly are the merits of having equal rights and equal access in all fields.

But there are always those who resist the changes  for the changes that bring equality har their vested interests . Those mourning the demise of  Article 370  ae the vested interests   who had gained the most through the special status of J&K , overlooking the interests of the common people.

Did feudal lords ever like the idea of democracy  which gave equal rights to all, bringing them at the level  where they were as much empowered as the people whom they used to exploit . It is something like that only what these changes  did in Jammu and Kashmir . An era of  exploitation was over on August 5 , those who exploited  masses in the name of  special status, obviously did not like it . 

Jammu and Kashmir was never an easy state . It was known by its size and majesty . It had everything – natural beauty and several hundreds of miles and vast glaciers and thick forests . That’s why it was called crown of India , or still is, one is not that sure, because this crown has been battered by the bloodletting let loose by Pakistan , to grab its resources .

 This made  Pakistan to  align with the people in Kashmir who exploited the masses and invested in them, and when the Article 370 was withdrawn , Pakistan started shedding crocodile tears of the so-called sympathy and empathy  without recognising that the people just wanted peace and an end to the exploitation that was imposed and then perpetuated by the vested interests.

Facts always speak more powerfully than the best fiction. A year after the abrogation of Article370 , there is a flood of narratives , saying that the things  have gone worse- human rights have been trampled , and lockdown after lockdown has crippled the economy  and that there is a lot of resentment against what was decided or done on August 5 . They call it suppressing the voices  and  exploitation. There could not be any worse example of double speak.

It is time to turn the pages of calendar in reverse order  until August 5 last year , it would become clear that who was exploiting whom. There were serious charges, some of them very substantive too, that there was a discrimination . This discrimination created a wedge between Kashmiris , now in whose name the whole narrative is being pushed forward that they are unhappy with the new arrangement .

These are the voices that had exploited and discriminated against the people .  There was reservation of jobs  not as per the constitutionally guaranteed criteria but the kind of pick and choose reservation that  politicians  invoked  for their near and dear ones , or those who bribed them. This exploitation was worst kind of human rights violations . Pakistan was a party to that. How, because it  helped all those who perpetuated this culture of corruption and discrimination.