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Jammu, March 23:

IndraprasthaApollo Hospitals, Delhi today organized a super-speciality OPD in Jammu enabling patients from the winter capital of J&K to consult with specialists from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi. This super-speciality OPD will help patients to overcome the physical barrier of distance, enabling patients in Jammu to consult with and avail of expert advice of specialists from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi. Dr. Prince Raina, Consultant Orthopedics (Joint Replacement and Spine) and Dr. Noor ul din Malik, Consultant ENT Head & Neck & Robotic Surgery from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi were available forconsultation and saw patients at this unique clinic.

These super-speciality OPDs are a boon to patients in smaller cities and towns where advanced healthcare in the form of tertiary and quaternary healthcare is not available. These OPDs eliminate the need to travel long distances to the cities with big hospitals, as with this initiative from Apollo Hospitals, the specialist doctors will themselves make the journey to see patients firsthand.

Dr. Prince Raina said, “We are pleased that we can help patients in Jammu through these super-speciality OPDs and offer them a solution to their health issues. We hope that this help the patient who would otherwise have to travel a long distance to seek a consultation. We were happy with the response and look forward to many more such OPDs in the future.”

Dr. Noor ul din Malik said, “These speciality OPDs help to correct the imbalance with respect to advanced healthcarethat exists between big cities like Delhi and smaller ones like Jammu. Without easy access to advanced healthcare, patients usually wait till the condition worsens before going to a city with a big tertiary or quaternary healthcare centre. These OPDs help patients to access advanced healthcare easily. Another advantage is that diseases can now be diagnosed earlier with proper management and treatment instituted on time.”

The super-speciality OPD was conducted at Apollo Pharmacy in Jammu. Over ___ patients consulted with the super-speciality doctors at the clinic and expressed satisfaction that they were able to get an opinion from experienced super-speciality doctors from an advanced healthcare institution like Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

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