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Jammu, Oct 16 : Stanford University recently released a list of top 2% scientists in the world.Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. Field- and subfield-specific percentiles are also provided for all scientists with at least 5 papers. Career-long data are updated to end-of-2021 and single recent year data pertain to citations received during calendar year 2021. The selection is based on the top 100,000 scientists by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above in the sub-field. 195,605 scientists are included in the career-long database and 200,409 scientists are included in the single recent year dataset. This version (4) is based on the Sept 1, 2022 snapshot from Scopus, updated to end of citation year 2021. This work uses Scopus data provided by Elsevier through ICSR Lab (https://www.elsevier.com/icsr/icsrlab).

Among various researchers from India, Dr. Sandeep Arya, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Jammu, has also been named in the prestigious list of single recent year dataset. He is the only researcher from Jammu University that has been featured in the list.

Dr. Sandeep Arya is working in the field of applied physics. His work is focused on the development of electrochemical sensors, colorimetric sensors, supercapacitors, energy storage devices, etc. He has published more than 100 research articles, many of which are published in journals with good impact factors.He is also a member of the editorial boards of numerous prestigious journals and a recipient of National Fellowships and government-funded research initiatives